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Win Happy Podcast

Nov 27, 2018

Greg chats with Daithí, the music producer from the West of Ireland about "the business" of a career in the music industry.

A very frustrated Daithí, despite lots of early success was on the brink of abandoning a career in music when he had the most accidental of hits with "Mary Keane's introduction". He added a dance track to a recording he found of his grandmother talking about how she met her husband, which became a huge overnight success.

Daithí is now taking on the music business on his own terms and is crafting a successful career, making music that has meaning to him.

He chats about the challenges of the music industry, the dangers of ego, his relationship with fans, coping with disappointment and loss and the expression of this in his new album, which will be released in the new year. 

Enjoy the show!