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Win Happy Podcast

Jul 26, 2020

Four months on from our conversation at the beginning of lockdown, I have a follow up chat with Dr. Gerard Waldron, Assistant Director of Public Health in Northern Ireland to see what has changed, what have we learnt, is this what he expected and what is needed to get control of Covid-19.

We also chat about the danger...

Jul 21, 2020

Susan HayesCulleton, "The Positive Economist" of the Hayes Culleton Group comes from a small country town in County Cork and as we've heard before on this podcast, that can have it's opportunities for women.

With Susan it is all about seizing those opportunities when they come along - a travel agent for teddies, school,...

Jul 15, 2020

When your first job is clearing glasses at the age of 10 in the family pub in Cobh, it's not hard to see how hospitality could be in your blood.

Aaron Mansworth, MD of Trigon Hotels chats about his international hospitality career that has taken many twists and turns including a long spell in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel...

Jul 11, 2020

Elizabeth Cope's energy and drive at the age of 68 is infectious and inspiring.

The very lovely, straight talking, renowned Irish artist chats about her colourful (literally!) life that had her painting since she was just nine years of age when she was "seduced by the smell of paint".

From the early days of drawing nuns...

Jul 4, 2020

From his days growing up in the northside of Cork city playing with St Vincents, John Goulding the CEO and co-founder of Workvivo, thrives at being the underdog, taking on the big guns and winning!

John chats about summers painting with his dad, working as a shoe salesman, studying at UCC and then successful, long...