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Win Happy Podcast

Aug 28, 2023

Welcome back to part two of my conversation, Michael Cronin, one of the really good guys.

In part one we heard about Michael’s early life, his career, and how he tried his best to keep financial pressure a secret, while he desperately tried to find a solution. 

Michael had a breakdown, he tried to take his own life...

Aug 27, 2023

On today’s podcast I chatted with my friend, Michael Cronin, one of the really good guys.

Michael shares his story and without giving too much of this away in advance, it is all about the pressure of keeping secrets totally to yourself and our limited ability to soak up this pressure.

We had our chat outside at the...

Jul 9, 2023

On today’s podcast I chat with Katie Krimitsos, who is based in Tampa Florida in the USA.

Katie has had an eventful career and as well as being a busy mum, she is also the founder of the Women’s Meditation Network where she creates many different “love notes” to women.

Having a second baby and a determination to...

Jun 26, 2023

In part two of this two part podcast Johnny Quaid chats about getting on with his “Life Part two” as a young wheelchair bound man.

He dug deep.went back to school, joined the Global Volunteers in Greece for a month and he found work.

He chats about the difficulties that people with disabilities face, the attitude of...

Jun 26, 2023

On Friday the 23rd of March, 2006 17 year old Johnny Quaid fell off a roof while collecting his jacket after work from the building site where he was working.

Two weeks later, Johnny eventually woke up from a coma in the Mater Hospital with no recollection at all of what had happened.

While recovering he quickly learnt...