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Win Happy Podcast

Nov 30, 2019

In this episode we chat with the Chelsea fan and Music Manager, Jeremy Lloyd, the brains and passion behind the Laissez-Faire Club who is representing Allman Brown, Ben Hobbs and Sophie Morgan.

We chat about his career, the changing dynamics of the music industry and the "nuts and bolts" of looking after...

Nov 19, 2019

Greg chats with Paul Sheridan, the founder of the Tour de Munster cycle, which is now 20 years of age!

This 400 mile, four day charity cycle has gone from strength and has raised over 2.5 million alone for one of it's partner charities, Down Syndrome Ireland.

We chat about what drives him, leadership, the...

Nov 10, 2019

Greg chats with the superb singer/songwriter Allman Brown about his life and career to date.

Fresh from a tour supporting Dido he has just released his second album, 'Darling it'll be alright', which he will be showcasing on his upcoming tour including Ireland, the UK and Holland.

Allman writes beautifully crafted,...

Nov 4, 2019

A seventeen year old, football loving young man from a small town in Kerry joins a seminary in Thurles.

Six years later at the tender age of 23, he reports for duty as a new parish priest to Salford in Manchester. What does he know about life?

In this episode Greg chats with Fr. John Ahern, an unlikely friend (He is a...