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Win Happy Podcast

Aug 30, 2020

Success Mentor and RTT Hypnotherapist, founder of Just Pause Pauline Rohdich is about to embark on the huge task of writing a book in 26 days with the guidance of 'The Author Marathon', Paggy McColl.

The book called "There is another way" will be based on Pauline's life and a special moment of realisation when she was just six years of age as she knelt at home saying the rosary with the family.

She has a fascinating story and life, growing up living as part of a prison, spending eight years as a garda, travelling the world as an air hostess with British Airways and then transforming after a retreat with Deepak Chopra.

We chat about religion, guilt, feeling invisible, success, happiness, our ability to change, her many experiences and the book she is about to write.

Enjoy the show!

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The show is produced by Greg Canty