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Win Happy Podcast

Apr 7, 2020

Near heart failure due to the extreme pressure of work just three years ago forced one of Ireland's most influential fashion editors, Constance Harris, to make the changes in her life that she had really wanted but would never have made.

In this podcast we chat about her early life with her high profile, colourful media parents, Eoghan and Anne Harris, struggling with dyslexia, her career in film and fashion, her special interest in shamanism, spirituality and meditation and a new idyllic life, writing and living in West Cork.

We also chat about the parallels between her sickness and the COVID19 disease, which has forced virtually everyone to stop and take stock of our lives.

She says you need to start a journal, your "vomit pages" as she calls them, to help you find your path.     

Enjoy the show

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The show is produced by Greg Canty