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Win Happy Podcast

May 19, 2020

In this episode, Greg and Alma Brosnan from the Fuzion Communications digital team discuss the very unique and diverse role of social media during this crazy COVID19 crisis.

From the early naming and shaming of pubs by the public, the outcry about Cheltenham, packed beaches and parks, to the social media "stars" of official Ireland including Head of the HSE, Paul Reid who was happy to have a spat with outspoken Paddy Cosgrave, Medical Professor Paddy Mallon, journalists such as Fergal Bowers and our Health Minister Simon Harris who was brilliantly transparent "live" each evening on Twitter.

There have also been some changes on the social media platforms to take into account different circumstances, we have been busy producing podcasts and we leave you with some tips!

Enjoy the show

This show has been brought to you by Fuzion Communications, a Marketing, PR, Graphic Design and Digital Marketing Agency in Ireland with offices in Dublin and Cork.

The show is produced by Greg Canty