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Win Happy Podcast

Apr 25, 2023

On today's podcast I chat with founder of Next Wave Africa, Greg Serandos, the Californian, who is living in Johannesburg in South Africa.

At the time of recording he was in the middle of one of the daily scheduled rolling power outages as we chatted about his life and career with the company of some very loud crickets!

He spoke about the beautiful country and climate, the declining economy, everyday life as well as the seven layers of security needed to be safe there.  

He chatted about his business Next Wave Africa, which helps companies to explore possible opportunities in the continent and why doing the biggest bungee jump in the world was part of his best day ever!

Enjoy the show!

This show has been produced by Fuzion Communications, a Marketing, PR, Graphic Design and Digital Marketing Agency in Ireland with offices in Dublin and Cork.

Podcast Production by Greg Canty

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