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Win Happy Podcast

Feb 22, 2020

In this episode we chat with Founder and MD of Digicom and former President of Dublin Chamber, Greg Clarke.

Greg is one of those rare breeds, those unsung heroes of the indigenous small business sector in Ireland.

No grants, no advance factories, no super cool App - this is a business employing 40 people, built on pure hard work and excellent customer service.

Greg chats about lessons from 23 years running his own business, about things he learnt from his dad and his fruit business, from selling in the Isle of Man, LA and Dublin, about how it is a game of confidence and how coaching GAA teams and cycling can refresh your head.

Enjoy the show 

This show has been brought to you by Fuzion Communications, a Marketing, PR, Graphic Design and Digital Marketing Agency in Ireland with offices in Dublin and Cork.

The show is produced by Greg Canty