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Win Happy Podcast

May 7, 2023

On today’s podcast I chatted with the very special Mary Doherty and her equally special son Aaron about her career and their lives together.

Mary has spent 30 years with An Garda Síochána, a career that saw her progress through the ranks to the position of Detective Inspector, looking after the Protective Services unit, dealing with the worst of abuse and sexual crimes.

Mary’s son Aaron is a vibrant young man with down syndrome and this led to Mary getting deeply involved with Down Syndrome Ireland, campaigning for basic rights for people with down syndrome. 

A car accident a couple of years ago turned her busy life upside down, leaving her with a broken neck and facing a long recovery period, which she is still in the middle of.

While extremely traumatic, this accident forced her to look at life through a different lens and also gave her a chance to begin to recover from the vicarious trauma of such a mentally draining job.

Enjoy the show..


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