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Win Happy Podcast

Jan 29, 2024

On today’s podcast I chat with the retired owner of O’Sullivans Bar in Crookhaven in West Cork, where you can enjoy the most southernly pint in Ireland.

Billy O’Sullivan, 86 years young, ably assisted by his granddaughter, Alex, chats about his life and career and the story of the pub which has been in the family name for nearly 91 years.

He chats about Crookhaven with a population of  just 37 people and how it has changed from being a sleepy rural village to the popular holiday spot enjoyed by so many each summer.

The cameras were in Crookhaven in 1961 for the movie, ‘I Think a Fool’ and they were back again many years later because Billy was the last person to have spoken to Sophie Toscan du Plantier the night before she was murdered.  

Enjoy the show…


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