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Win Happy Podcast

Jun 26, 2023

On Friday the 23rd of March, 2006 17 year old Johnny Quaid fell off a roof while collecting his jacket after work from the building site where he was working.

Two weeks later, Johnny eventually woke up from a coma in the Mater Hospital with no recollection at all of what had happened.

While recovering he quickly learnt that he would never regain the use of his legs as a result of a spinal injury.

In part one of this two part podcast Johnny chats about his love of Gaelic football, of going to New York to live the American dream and how he coped with knowing that life was going to be radically different.

He chats about his “sick or swim” mentality and the support of family, friends and the community in his home village of Athea in West Limerick.

Enjoy the show 


This show has been produced by Fuzion Communications, a Marketing, PR, Graphic Design and Digital Marketing Agency in Ireland with offices in Dublin and Cork.

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