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Win Happy Podcast

Nov 19, 2023

On today’s podcast I chatted with Shelly Rourke, the owner of Shelly's, an online baked goods gift business.

Shelly is one of the early stage entrepreneurs participating in the UCC Ignite accelerator programme and as one of the marketing sessions was wrapping up recently the group started chatting about the horrific attacks by Hamas in Israel.

Shelly took everyone by surprise when she announced to the group that she had very recently been to an international summer camp in the West Bank and opened up about her experience. 

Shelly chats about her life and career, discovering at the age of 21 that she had two siblings she never knew about, why this architect started a baked goods business and how she exactly ended up at the Lajee Centre in Aida, a refugee camp, 2kms north of Bethlehem in the West Bank, and the perspective that gives her on the recent horrific events.

As you might expect this was a big conversation

I hope you enjoy the show


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