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Win Happy Podcast

Jan 18, 2021

My son Brendan and his girlfriend Ayla, who comes from Auckland in New Zealand begin their journey to New Zealand complete with visas and Covid tests and face a two week quarantine period in a hotel when they get there.

As we know New Zealand was one of those regimes that successfully took this approach to protecting their citizens.

The prize for them after all of this endurance will be a two month mask free well earned break visiting family, meeting friends, meals out, packed pubs, gigs and lots of hugs - remember that life?

I've asked them to share their experience with me, so they've agreed periodically to check in and capture these moments and this recording is part one, the journey to the train station!  

Yesterday in Ireland (Jan 16th) we had 3,231 new Covid cases and 60 people died. 

Enjoy the show!

To track their progress:

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