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Win Happy Podcast

Dec 19, 2022

On todays podcast I have a big conversation with Emily Murphy, the founder and CEO of a new business, The Mind Mechanic.

Emily has a caring heart, an impulsive nature and a positive outlook which has led to an interesting career and this new business.

She trained and practised as an intellectual disability nurse, took on roles in nursing management and was plunged into the most intense nursing scenario looking after a group of women with intellectual disabilities during the Covid outbreak.

A huge interest in mindset and psychotherapy led to further education and this combined with her own experiences and personal challenges with mental health, led to her starting this new business.

There is a huge relationship between your mindset and your happiness,

Enjoy the show..  

This show has been produced by Fuzion Communications, a Marketing, PR, Graphic Design and Digital Marketing Agency in Ireland with offices in Dublin and Cork.

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