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Win Happy Podcast

Jul 24, 2022

After 150 days of Putin's pointless, brutal war in Ukraine, Paul Niland, who has been living in Kyiv for nearly 20 years, gives us his perspectives of life in a war zone and his deep insights about what has happened and how it is likely to end. 

He met Taoiseach, Micheál Martin on his recent trip to Ukraine and explained how the Russian brutality witnessed in some towns is the norm and not the exception.

He doesn't talk about fear. he talks about anger and resolve.

He doesn't talk about the war ending, he talks about victory for Ukraine.

After 150 days it is easy to lose focus - we must keep listening, learning and understanding.

Enjoy the show! 

Paul is the CEO of Lifeline Ukraine, a national suicide helpline service, founded initially to provide support to victims of war.

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